Friday, November 16, 2018

Trekking in Andharban: The Dark Forest 01SEP2018

Dated September 01, 2018

After my Trek to Rajmachi I had made up my mind to go on at least one trek every month. In my search for a new trail I landed on a site called "EventsHigh" that promotes and provides booking services to several Trek organising groups.

I came across a Trek planned to the Andarbans and was intrigued by the Name and description of the Andarbans provided in the write up. I had no one to accompany me on this trip so i decided to hit it alone with the MPA group. Walk a new trail and make some new friends along the way.

The Andarban Trial was long but beautiful all along. The trail is dotted with several seasonal waterfall and provides scenic view of the valley for most part. The Andarbans offer both Mystic and exhilaration as you walk through the blinding Mist that covers the forest in the Monsoons. Watch my VLOG to share in my experience.

The MPA Group on the Andharban Trail

Thank you for your time. Hope you loved it.

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