Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mandapeshwar Caves

Dated: November 20th 2011

Our next stop for day was at the St. Bonaventure Church, Erangal followed by Mandapeshwar Caves. St. Bonaventure Church is an Old Portuguese Church located on a beach at Erangal village. I had planned to revisit this Church on second Sunday of January, since the Church celebrates its annual feast on the day and then post a detailed blog on the feast. However I couldn't make for some reason and now will have to wait until next year.
We then returned to Malad station taking the same bus route that took us to Madh fort and from there took a rickshaw to Mandapeshwar caves. These caves are probably the smallest I have seen so far and are located on S.V. road just behind I.C. Church. Although it not clear to me but my Google research tells me these caves were probably built by Buddhist who at some point deserted these caves. The Caves were then under Portuguese, Maratha and British, rule and occupation at different times and all have used these caves for varied purposes both religious and military. It was a few Bandraites who built the Immaculate Conception Church in 1888 at its present location.
I managed to capture a few pictures before the onsite police security stopped us from clicking any further pictures. When asked we were informed that the caves are under a religious dispute and therefore no pictures were allowed.
Below is an informative article that appeared in Times Of India with some interesting details of Mandapeshwar Caves.

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