Monday, August 20, 2018

Trippin' High On Life

First I must apologies for literally absconding from my own blog for a good 6 years.

But my friend’s life is a journey that can surprise you, stun you, amaze you... It can fill your eyes with tears and laughter at the same time.

This particular blog isn’t about where I have been rather it’s about where Life has taken me. I already introduced you to my wife Perpetua in my last blog, and this trip is just us. Married life can be busy as hell but it’s also so beautiful that you wouldn’t wish for heaven.

Between early morning omelettes and weekend laundry business we found time to fill our lives with interesting memories. I believe money only pays for bills but what truly makes us rich are the blessings and memories we amass as we grow. That makes me and Peppy the richest couple on earth.

And our most treasured gems, Azriel and Zuriel have added heart-warming joy to our lives. Watching them grow makes my life look like a fairy tale. Feels like it can't get better than this, but I know with them it will only get better each passing moment.
So here I am. Started this blog as a bachelor, then got married and now return with more tales as a Father. Bless you all. Have a lovely trip on Life.

I will return soon with a new story. And I promise I won’t keep you waiting.

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